Answers to your questions

Trade Fair

What are the different entrances of the PGW 2019?

Hall 1 : Access dedicated to presale tickets and to exhibitors.

Hall 2 : Priority access area reserved for people with disabilities, families, VIP, the Press and Exhibitors (ticket windows and presale tickets.)

Hall 3 : Access to ticket windows

Where can I get a map of the PGW?

You can get a map of Paris Games Week 2019 on our website. Paper maps as well as direction screens will be present inside the trade fair.

Can I leave the trade fair and get in later?

If you leave the trade fair, you will not be authorized to come back. Any exit is final.

What is the Paris Games Week?

Paris Games Week, more commonly known as "PGW", is a french trade dedicated to video games and its by-products. The fair belongs to the SELL, a french organisation promoting the interests of video game publishers.

General Information

Can I get into the trade show with a stroller

Yes, you will be able to get into the trade show with a stroller.

I am a policer officer and I am coming with my children, can I bring my weapon?

You need to contact the security service before coming to the fair.

Which items are forbidden on the trade fair?

Weapons and pyrotechnic devices: Knives, Pyrotechnic devices, Explosive devices and Firearms.

Event Material: Megaphones, Drums, Banners, Tracs and Slogan Posters, Slogan Lawn Signs, Slogan Flags, Slogan T-shirts and Slogan Sashes.

Tools and Construction Equipment: Screwdrivers, Saws, Hammers, Cutters, Chains, Ropes and Lanyards, Rope Ladders, Large Duct tape, Bar and Drills.

Consumables: Alcoholic beverages, Glass bottles, Narcotics, Flammable substances, Aerosol, Candle.

Personal Protective Equipment: Protective helmets, goggles, diving goggles, ski goggles, FFP2 hygiene masks and gas masks.

What to do in case of lost or stolen of my belongings?

You can go to the area "Accueil Exposant / Commissariat général" that will be located in hall 2.2. Find objects will be taken there. After the trade fair, any find objects which will not be retrieved by their owners will be transferred to the find object department at the Central Police Department in the 15th arrondissement

Can we potentially have our picture taken or filmed at the trade fair?

The Paris Games Week official photographer as well as filming crews will roam around the trade fair during the 5 days. It will be possible for you to have your picture taken or be recorded. Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Visitor Registration and Participation at the Paris Games Week.


The Client explicitly authorises, without any expectation of remuneration, the Company and the COMEXPOSIUM Group:

  • to record, if they so wish, photos and/or videos featuring the Client in their capacity as visitor to the Trade Fair or other events relating thereto;
  • to make free use of these images in any format, particularly for promotional purposes (including online), in France and internationally, for a period of five years starting from the date on which the Client's pre-registration request is confirmed.

Clients who do not wish to feature in photographs or films made during the Event must notify the Company in writing before the start of the Event.

Any Clients wishing to take their own photos/videos of the Event must also inform the Company in writing in advance. Clients will take sole responsibility for obtaining the necessary authorisations for any images recorded during the Event, and for respecting the image rights of all exhibitors, visitors and participants present at the Event."

Can we take pictures or videos?

You can take pictures and/or videos. However, we ask you to respect the visitors and the exhibitors who don't want to have their picture taken and/or be recorded.

Can we bring a video camera to film?

Yes but be careful, tripod and stabiliser are not allowed.

Is it possible to have lunch within the facility of the trade fair?

You are allowed to bring something for lunch or you can enjoy restoration offers around the trade fair (restaurants, footruck and a food court). Attention: alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

Can we buy games at the stands?

Merchandising stands will be present inside the trade fair where you will able to buy products. At any others stands, you will need to ask the exhibitor.

What is the average waiting time to access a stand?

It depends of the stand, it can differ.

Are domestic animals allowed inside the trade fair?

Animals are not allowed inside the trade fair except guide dogs.

Is there a smoking area?

There are no spaces inside for smokers. You will need to get outside the halls to smoke.

Are they lockers where I can drop my stuff?

You will find paying lockers in hall 1 and between halls 2.2 and 3 (price: 2€/item). Bags too large and/or luggage are not allowed. There is no deposit area.

Is there free WIFI at the trade fair?

Yes. You will be able to access freely the Viparis WIFI inside the trade fair.

You can't find the information you need?

For all yours questions, contact our hotline by email or on our social networks.


I am disabled, does the person accompanying me needs to pay a ticket?

No. The person accompanying you will be able to enter for free.

Where can I buy tickets?

The online ticketing platform is now closed.

How to present my ticket at the entrance?

To be valid, the ticket must be printed (in black and white or in color) in portrait mode (vertical) on a white A4 paper, blank and without changing the print size. The ticket may also be presented in digital form on Smartphone or tablet PC.

Can we get a VIP pass?

VIP passes are not available for sale.

I did not received my tickets or a purchase confirmation.

If you already bought your tickets, you can retrieve them by going to the ticketing page and by entering you email address used to book your ticket. (Below : "BOOK YOUR TICKETS FOR PARIS GAMES WEEK"). Be careful, you may need to check your spam folder.

Error of birth date when I bought my ticket.

Tickets are nominative; it won't be an issue to get through the entrance. A justification paper will be asked to people with a reduced price ticket.

Can we pay admission tickets with holiday vouchers?

Paris Games Week entrance tickets cannot be paid with holiday vouchers.

Is there free admission for people with disabilities ?

People with disabilities must pay off an entrance fee. A special ticket at 15€ for people with disabilities is available only at the ticket windows.

Can I resell Paris Games Week ticket?

Resale of tickets for Paris Games Week is prohibited.

"Art. 313-6-2 of the Penal Code - Selling, offering for sale or exhibiting for the purpose of sale or assignment or providing the means for the sale or assignment of securities access to a sports, cultural or commercial event or to a live performance, in the usual way and without the authorization of the producer, the organizer or the owner of the rights of exploitation of this event or show, is punishable by € 15,000 fine. This penalty is raised to 30 000 € fine in case of recidivism.

For the purposes of the first paragraph, any ticket, document, message or code, whatever the form and medium, attesting to the obtaining from the producer, the organizer or owner of the rights to use the right to attend the event or show. "

Can I buy a ticket with my name and then give it to someone of my choice?

You can buy a ticket and give it to someone else. However, we strongly encourage you to get the name of the people before buying the ticket. Be careful, if the ticket comprised of the reduced price, a justification will be required at the entrance.

Are tickets returnable, exchangeable or refundable?

Bought tickets are non-returnable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable as specified in our Conditions Générales de Vente Billetterie en ligne Salon Paris Games Week.

What are the justifications to show for the reduced price ticket and the people with disabilities ticket?

Anyone aged between 7 and 17 included, an ID justification will be asked. For students, a proof of school attendance will be asked (a student card or a school attendance paper). Be careful, justifications need to be valid the day you visit the trade fair.

Anyone with a ticket for people with disabilities, a presentation of a supporting document will be asked as a justification.

Are there tickets for several days?

Tickets are valid for one person, and for one day. They are no ticket or pass for several days.

What are the different types of prices?

There are four types of prices. ""Adult"", ""Reduced"", ""Single"" and ""People with disabilites"" .

Any child of the age of 6 and under has a free entry, an ID will be asked.

The reduced price is comprised of anyone between the age of 7 and 17 included and any students.

The single price is the only price on Saturday.

The people with disabilities price is only available to purchase at the ticket windows (it can't be purchase as online)

What are the ticket prices?

You can find our ticket prices on the Ticket Prices page. 


Are there any priority lines at the stands?

Each exhibitor is independent and reserve the right to allow visitors access to its area according to its defined priorities. Nonetheless, any person with disabilities can tell the staff so they can try to get into the priority line.

Does the trade fair provide equipment for people with disabilities?

The trade fair can provide wheelchair for people with disabilities in hall 2.3 upon presentation of supporting document and an ID card as a security deposit (attention limited quantities).

Is there a parking area for people with disabilities?

There are no dedicated parking but parking spots are available at the visitor parking area.

Is there an access for people with disabilities?

An access is dedicated to people with disabilities in front the hall 2.2 entrance. You can tell the staff to access it.


I am a journalist, how can I get invitation tickets?

Contact the press agency Profile :

How does the accreditation platform work?

The accreditation platform is available on the website in the press area and influencers. All requests will be validated by the press service within 3 working days.

Each journalist will be asked to upload a photo ID that will appear on his badge, the controls at the entrance of the show will indeed be strengthened. In addition, any application must be supported by a proof.

At the entrance of the show, a valid identity card, with the same name as the accreditation will be required.

Obtaining a press accreditation, blogger or youtuber is not synonymous with cut-queue and does not ensure the passage priority on the stands, this decision is up to each exhibitor.

Press accreditation is strictly personal and non-transferable. The number of entries is controlled and limited. The press service of the show reserves the right to cancel any accreditation in case of abuse. The retrocession of a badge exposes you to the crime of illegal sale of access tickets to commercial events (Law No. 2012-348 of 12 March 2012).

Who do i contact to get an authorization to shoot a report?

Go to "Press and influencers area".

Who do I contact to get more accreditation (cameraman, etc.)?

Contact the press agency Profile :

Can I give my accreditation to someone else?

The press accreditation is strictly personal and non-transferable. The number of entries is controlled and limited.

The press service reserves the right to cancel any accreditation in case of abuse.

Handing a badge over to another person may subject you to the offence of the illegal sale of rights of access to commercial events (Law n° of 2012-348 of March 12, 2012).

At the entrance of the show, you will be asked for a valid identity card, showing the same name as the accreditation.

Obtaining a press, blogger or YouTuber accreditation is not synonymous with a « fast pass » and in no way guarantees priority treatment on stands; this decision is the responsibility of each exhibitor.

Do you provide professional accreditations?

The trade fair is a public event and not a professional one. We do not allocate professional accreditations.

What are the prerequisite to get an accreditation?

The prerequisite to get an accreditation will be specified at the opening of the platform.

How to obtain an accreditation?

You need to go to our press and influencers area. The platform to fill out your accreditation request will be opened few weeks before the beginning of the trade fair.

Who can get an accreditation?

Journalists, blogueurs and/or anyone fulfilling the criteria defined by the Paris Games Week.


Do I have the right to organize a contest offering seats (even purchased) without asking permission to the PGW?

No, it's forbidden. The brand and logo belong to the Paris Games Week SELL. Any use of the trademark or logo must be requested in advance. Using PGW tickets or invitations, can be considered as Unlawful Sale of entitlements by the Penal Code and can be punished. (Art. 313-6-2 of the Penal Code). You can expose yourself to €15,000 fine. This penalty can be increased to €30,000 fine for repeat offenses.

Retail sale and solicitation

Retail sales are strictly limited to official exhibitors to whom a space at the Paris Games Week has been allocated. In addition, any solicitation is prohibited at the trade fair unless you have been granted a permission.

We would like to pass on flyers during the Paris Games Week, is it possible?

You need to contact the hotline :

We would like to use the brand and the logo of the Paris Games Week for a contest.

You need to contact the hotline :


The weapon replica is part of my costume and stays in its sheath, can I keep it?

Safety rules on bladed weapons replicas appliy to all cosplayers, even those with a sheath for their weapon or any kind of packaging. It is not possible to get in the trade fair with that type of weapon. If you are in possession of a forbidden weapon replica, the access to the trade fair will be denied or your weapon will be confiscated until you leave the trade fair.

I have a weapon with my cosplay, can I bring it to Paris Games Week

Your weapon needs to respect the rules of the Paris Games Week.

Forbidden weapons:

  • Realistic fire arm replica
  • Potential projectiles
  • Weapons in metal or metallic alloy (aluminium or others) whether they are sharpen or not
  • Weapon type ""Airsoft"" (not matter the material)

Autorised weapons:

  • Weapons which don't look like a known weapon
  • Weapons in plastics or polymers must not have any angles or sharp edges
  • Weapons in light wood, plastic, cardboard or foam are allowed.

If your weapon doesn't respect the security measures, they will be kept by the security until the end of your visit.

Can I come with a suitcase and/or a big bag?

For security reasons, access to the lounge with a suitcase and/or a bulky bag is not allowed. You can access the living room with a small backpack. There is no DEPOSIT AREA. You have a cloakroom in hall 1, to deposit only your jackets, coats and helmets.

Am I susceptible to be search at the entrance with my costume?

Due to the Vigipirate plan set up in Ile-de-France, cosplayers will systematically be searched to ensure the safety of all the visitors on the show.

Can I Cosplay at the Paris Games Week?

You are allowed to come in costume.


Can minors participate to contest at the Paris Games Week?

For the minors, some competitions and games organized by the exhibitors of the Paris Games Week require a signed authorization and a copy of the identity card of parents or legal representatives.

Authorizations can be downloaded from the exhibitors' websites and / or picked up and signed at the show.

Do you have measures in place in case of lost children?

A wristband is given to children at the entrance of the trade fair. A phone number must be indicated on the wristband. Furthermore, signs will be displayed throughout the trade faire with the phone number of the reception.

Does an 8 year old child access every stands?

Only the exhibitors are allowed to give access to their stand.

Can my child visit the trade fair alone or do I need to be with him?

We recommend you to stay with your child and enjoy the videogame show in family. He can also visit in groups, but you must take into consideration that the show is very crowded. Some booths and games can be refused if he does not have the age or if he is not accompanied by an adult.


What is the list of the exhibitors?

The list of exhibitors will be communicated via the website, the social networks and the newsletter as soon as possible.

Do you have a list of the youtubers and their date of attendance at the trade fair?

The list of youtubers coming to the trade fair will be communicated via the website, the social networks and the newsletter as soon as possible.

What is the Esports tournaments schedule and where can I register?

To register your team, we invite you to contact directly the exhibitors in charge to organise the Esport events.

What is the 2022 Paris Games Week Program?

The 2022 Paris Games Week program is a work on progress. You will inform you via the website, the social networks and the newsletter as soon as possible.

Exclusive Offers

What is the "ONTOURS" offer?

Our bus partner - ONTOURS - offers buses departure in order to travel to the trade fair easily.

For more information, discover the ONTOURS's offer details.

It is simple, you can directly buy your pass (ticket + travel) on their website !

What is the "KAPTEN" offer?

Come and leave the #PGW with a vehicule-for-hire with KAPTEN : Use the code PGW19 and get 50% off* on your first two rides!

*Within the limit of €10 by ride. Offer is not cumulative. Available for any new user for 2 weeks after the entry of the code in the app. The code must be entered before 05/11/2019. Only available in France and for personal rides.

What is the "Jeux Vidéo Magazine" offer?

Offer: for an additional 5€, profit from a preferential price for an one-year subscription (= 12 issues) to the Jeux Vidéo Magazine digital issue. But it's not all : the sibscription give you access for free to 4 issues 100% Fornite as well as every single special issue published. To take advantage, select the option in step 2 of your ticket booking.


I would like to candidate for a receptionist position, who can I contact?

The organising company of the Paris Games Week doesn't have any more position available. However, you can contact agencies in charge of hosts and hostesses working for the trade fair's exhibitors.

Is it possible to become a volunteer at the Paris Games Week?

The organising company of the Paris Games Week and the S.E.L.L. do not hire any volunteer for the organisation of the trade fair.

Exhibitors FAQ

What is the difference between a bare stand and an equipped stand?

From 12 to 24 sq.m, booths are compulsorily equipped.

The equipment includes:

  • Aluminium structure.
  • Melamine wall partitions.
  • Carpet: 4 choices of colours.
  • 1 name board with stand number and company name.
  • 1 locked corner storage area (Booths ≤ 18 sq.m: 1 sq.m - Stands > 18 sq.m: 2sq.m).
  • Power supply 3 KW intermittent.
  • 1 spotlight per 3 sq.m.
  • Furniture voucher

If you select this equipment, the price of the bare stand will be automatically added when the total is calculated. The equipment price has to be added to the price of the bare surface.

Over 24 sq.m, booths are delivered with a bare surface

Your booth will be delivered to you as follow:

  • A tracing on the floor will indicate you the booth position.
  • The equipment and furniture of your booth is at your expense.
  • The power and the internet have to be ordered with Viparis’ exhibitor’s service.

What is the first condition in order to be an exhibitor?

The first condition to be an exhibitor is to have a legal form. Individuals cannot exhibit on the show.

Who do I need to talk to if I want to exhibit at the Paris Games Week?

We invite you to contact the commercial team of the trade fair.


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