City Block Builder

It’s 1950 and Los Angeles is bustling with immense amounts of growth. Skyscrapers are being built, Hollywood is taking the city by storm and the city is considered a modern-day utopia. Migrants from all over the world flock to its warm and sunny shores making the city a real estate paradise.

Follow the life of Joey, a returning war veteran as he struggles through his personal and financial problems after the inheritance of a cinema theatre. Help him make smart and innovate decisions along this journey.

City Block Builder is a genre-blending Tycoon game with in-depth customizability of each aspect of your business. Build your own Business Empire through an immersive game with easy to learn, but hard to master mechanics. Inspired by tycoon games of yesteryear, experience a tycoon tribute to the ’50s.

The time to build and invest is now!

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